The Best Acne Removal For Sensitive Skin

Be it during Teenage or Adulthood, we’ve all been at war with blemishes & pimples. Clear & smooth skin is the aspiration and we’re sure most of you have tried every possible thing under the sun to combat these issues. 

More so if you have sensitive skin or open pores. However, after having dealt with your skin type for years and knowing how it reacts to different products, making the right choice becomes easy given a plethora of the best products available. 

In this article, let us first understand the types of skin issues and then dive into the products that’ll help you get out of them.

Pimples, blemishes or scars are of various types - A cystic pimple is different in nature from a pimple with pus. A scar may be sitting on your skin for years or may have developed post an accident. 

Treatments vary from concentrated/spot corrective creams for occasional blemishes and cystic acne to gentle moisturisers with hyaluronic acid that have mild and natural products like aloe vera, glycerine that are suitable for sensitive skin that needs to have the cream/gel slathered all over. 

While it is advised to consult a dermatologist (skin specialist) before using anything on your skin(especially if you have sensitive skin), it is also imperative to know the different types of products available at the store because no one knows your skin better than you!

So here is a list of products that’ll help you fight the demons on your skin:

  • My Clarins Clear Out: This formula has been proven to be the most effective for targeted pimple reduction/clearing out. It uses plant power to attack the bacteria sitting on your blemish. It also balances out the salicylic acid, therefore helping in cell regeneration. With a skin that needs extra attention and is sensitive this product would be the right choice. 

  • NEOGEN A-Clear, A Clear Spot Patch: Skin correction patches have proven to be very useful for acne/blemish corrections. This patch when strategically placed on the said acne, absorbs the excretions and sebum from your acne, therefore, leaving it without bacteria and also protecting it from dirt. This enables you to keep your own hands off the pimple and therefore preventing permanent scars(very harmful for sensitive skin). 

  • Versed Gameover Acne Drying Treatment: While the others act on a spot, this drying treatment kills whiteheads, blackheads and germs even before they start developing. Apply a thin layer of this treatment on clean and dry skin and witness wonders by this magical cream. A combination of sulfur, a Kaolin Clay and Bentonite absorbs excess oil, dirt and unclogs open pores to let your skin breathe and be clean. 

  • HERO COSMETICS Rescue Balm: You’ve popped that ugly looking pimple. Now what? If not treated immediately and carefully this pimple mark will leave a scar. In order to prevent that, apply Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm, this calms your skin post a breakout and replenishes it. It restores your skin with beta-glucan, panthenol and is a valuable source of Vitamin E. It merges with your skin seamlessly with you feeling nothing on your skin. 

  • Sorella All Night Elixir: As part of skin treatment this potion works like magic. Ever imagined Retinol & Vitamin C in one rejuvenation treatment? This night elixir will do it for you. Rejuvenates and brightens skin along with a visible reduction in age spots.

  • Proactive Emergency Blemish Relief: With Proactiv having a legacy of unbeatable products and being used by most of us for years, The Emergency Blemish Relief Cream proves true to its name, it opens pores and unclogs them, therefore keeping them healthy and clean. The perfect mix of benzoyl peroxide, it also reduces inflammation. Use daily to witness effective results. 

Glo Skin Beauty Serum
  • Glo Skin Beauty Renew Serum: Tired of dark spots? Get them visibly reduced by using this skin formula. Experience a shift in your skin texture when you use this serum. By stimulating mild exfoliation, it helps keep skin firm and spot-free!

  • Peace Out Acne Patches: These award-winning patches have earnt their name for a reason. They are bandage-like and very easy to use. Infused with Salicylic acid, they help in pulling out impurities. The natural infusions like Aloe Vera and Vitamin A, help keep your skin free of redness and irritation when the patch is pulled off your zit. 

  • Kiehls Breakout Control Targeted Acne Control Treatment: The well established Kiehls products are almost medicinal in nature. With an incredibly paced zit control turnaround, this product has made it to the top of many beauty products lists. Glycolic Acid unclogs dirty pores and niacinamide brightens and tightens your pores. The odor is less than ideal, however, the effect is worth it. 

  • Philosophy Clear Days Ahead: Almost fully effective overnight, this magical treatment cream enables you to get rid of even a massive zit overnight. The perfect blend of Salicylic acid with Glycolic acid not only seamlessly unclog pores but also provide the much needed moisture to your skin. The product is very light on the skin and it does not even feel like you are wearing a product. 

Your skin is your outward projection of self to the World. Skin problems, if not treated on time, can cause permanent scars and rashes. If a routine is not followed, especially after a certain age, it will begin to show on your face and body. With the increasing need to follow a healthy lifestyle and eating well, it is absolutely imperative for us to follow a skincare regime. 

Your skincare regime needs to be in sync with your skin type and sensitivity. The above products will help you understand your skin with respect to the products required to be used on it. While all skin types need to be nurtured and kept clean, sensitive skin needs to be dealt with love and care and of course, the right products. 

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