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Neocutis Pêche Redness Control
Neocutis Pêche Redness Control

Neocutis Pêche Redness Control

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Key Benefits

Tames and soothes redness and blotchy areas
Works to reduce blemishes
Improves overall skin tone and appearance
If your skin is in the red zone, it’s time to soothe skin with PÊCHE Redness Control. PÊCHE with patent-pending ROSAPLEX contains 4 cosmetic ingredients to help balance stressed skin. Based on the theory that an imbalance in skin’s natural harmony contributes to the appearance of redness, this complex formulated with Glycerin is designed to help soothe skin. 

The latest research indicates that the skin's natural immune system may play a role in skin redness. ROSAPLEX promotes healthy skin by helping to balance skin’s natural equilibrium. ROSAPLEX helps support skin's natural defense against skin redness with a combination of four ingredients: Sodium Dextran Sulfate, Zinc PCA, Caffeine, and Glycerin. 

A clinical study demonstrated that the signs of skin redness improved by 43% after twice daily application over 8 weeks! Daily use of PÊCHE provides the following benefits: Visibly diminishes skin redness for a healthy-looking glow. Restores skin’s natural moisture balance. Helps improve the appearance of skin imperfections and blotchiness. Helps soothe and comfort stressed skin.

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