1. Kybella 2 Vials for $1100 ($100 Deposit)
Kybella 2 Vials for $1100 ($100 Deposit)
Kybella 2 Vials for $1100 ($100 Deposit)

Kybella 2 Vials for $1100 ($100 Deposit)

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On sale: $1,300.00 $100.00
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Cyber Monday Special for Kybella
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Key Benefits

Permanently Dissolves Fat
FDA Approved
Want to permanently get rid of a troublesome fat pocket? We do advanced Kybella techniques for the face and body. I personally just had a great result with Kybella in my baby jowls going into the first shelter in place (check it out in the Instagram highlights under Our Treatments).

I have structured this deal for 2 Kybella’s because it’s important to set the right expectation. Kybella is an amazing product when dosed correctly, we do the 2 vial per treatment protocol as dictated by Allergan, the manufacturer.

Deal: 2 vials of Kybella
MSRP: $1300
 Sale: $1100
Savings: $200
Deposit: $100

Rules: may buy multiples, 1 deposit=1 treatment, can gift, no expiration, to be used at 1 appointment by one person

---This treatment causes swelling, please plan accordingly---

Most people do 2-3 vials per session.   It is very normal for people to need 3-5 sessions for full results.