1. Full Face & Neck, $560, 59% Off $100 Deposit!
 Full Face & Neck, $560, 59% Off $100 Deposit!
Full Face & Neck, $560, 59% Off $100 Deposit!

Full Face & Neck, $560, 59% Off $100 Deposit!

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Cyber Monday Special for Plasma Pen
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Key Benefits

Lifts, Tightens Smooths
FDA Approved
5 Days Social Downtime (read description)
SUPER SAVER, please tip your technician! 

I cannot stress this enough, you pay with your down time. You look crazy (dotted) for 5 days. You can start to try to camouflage with makeup starting on day 5.  This completely resets the skin meaning that you will have fresh skin THAT YOU NEED TO BABY for approximately 5 weeks. It is normal for the fresh skin to look a little bit pink but after day 5 its very easy to cover with foundation. As we are burning off skin this treatment mechanically tightens. As the skin heals it has no choice but to heal in a tighter arrangement because some of the tissue has been fizzled off.  There are post care products and protocols that we highly recommend.  

We have a love/hate relationship with this treatment. The results are amazing but the downtime is no joke.  The perfect excuse to lean into the social distancing recommendations for 5 days... ;)

Deal: Full Face & Neck Plasma Pen
MSRP: $1350
Sale Pricing: $560
Savings: $790, 59%
Deposit: $100

Rules: may buy multiples, 1 deposit=1 treatment, can gift, no expiration